The Coolest Destinations for Philippine Farm Tours

The Philippines is home to many alluring beaches, mystical underground rivers, and even rice terraces. However, if you’re looking for spots with fewer people plus a more relaxed excursion, you can opt for farm tours.

Farm tours are a great way to spend your vacation, especially now since the country is gearing toward utilizing the potential of agritourism. These tours are a great way to reconnect with nature while supporting Filipino farmers.

Below is a list of the 4 coolest destinations for Philippine farm tours, plus the many farms you can choose from.

The Coolest Destinations for Farm Tours in the Philippines

Farm Tours in Cavite

Cavite might seem like a province that’s quickly moving towards urbanization and industrialization, but it still has many thriving farms. This is mainly due to the province’s naturally fertile agricultural land.

Below are some of the best farms within the area.

Nurture Farmacy

Nurture Farmacy is located in Pulong Sagingan, 2nd West Cavite. It’s an eco-tourism spot in Tagaytay’s famous Nature Wellness Village.

Nurture Farmacy is a farm resort, so you can choose to stay and enjoy the tranquility of the place overnight. The resort offers several options for accommodation, including glamping!

In addition, the farm also has a restaurant within the property called The Gabriel Restaurant. The place sources most of its fresh herbs and vegetables from the farm.

The Coffee Farmhouse

Coffee Farmhouse is another farm resort located in Alfonso, Cavite. It’s a few kilometers away from Tagaytay by car. 

There you can enjoy a cozy bed-and-breakfast surrounded by coffee trees and other greenery.

Because of the resort’s location, cloudy days are quite common. However, that’s not a problem because it’s the perfect weather to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while appreciating mother nature.

This farm resort also allows camping within the property. Aside from the coffee tour and grabbing food—and coffee—from the restaurant, you can enjoy activities such as swimming and cycling as well.


Unlike the previous two farm resorts, Lucciole is, at its core, a family farm. It’s located on an unmapped hilly terrain of Amadeo, Cavite. 

It doesn’t offer any accommodations, and visits are through reservations only. The owners will gladly teach their visitors about sustainable, small-scale, organic farming and herbal pesticides.

For meals, you’ll be glad to know that every ingredient—from the vegetables down to the honey—is made on the farm as well!

Arguably the best part about this farm is one of its local inhabitants: fireflies! The place is actually named after these magnificent lightning bugs.

Farm Tours in Laguna

Aside from over 700 hot springs, a beautiful lake, and tropical rainforests, Laguna also has its fair share of farmland. According to the former governor of the province itself, Laguna is a food basket of fresh produce, fish, and livestock.

Here are three farms you can visit to get a look into what the province’s agritourism has to offer.

Costales Nature Farms

Paying a visit to the Costales Nature Farms is both a relaxing and educational experience. It’s located in Majayjay, Laguna—a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the metro.

This prime agritourism destination promotes health and wellness through its courses in organic farming. 

They have a variety of tour packages to choose from depending on what you want to learn or see. Aside from the tours, you can also enjoy other activities like fishing. 

Personally, we enjoyed picking out our very own bouquet of fresh lettuce! However, if you’re more interested in the food than the activities, you don’t have to take a tour to visit their restaurant.

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm Resort in Cavinti, Laguna, is an agritourism center that offers a plethora of activities. These activities are scattered all over the massive location of the resort, and they’re geared toward helping you appreciate nature and farming.

These are some of the spots you can visit within the resort:

  • Aquaponics greenhouse
  • Lakeside cottages
  • Wild pig farm
  • Lakatan plantation
  • Breeding pond for Arapaimas
  • Rabbit and turkey pen

Plus, the resort has a biking and running trail, a pool, a basketball court, and an ATV adventure area. We guarantee you won’t run out of things to do and visit! 

In addition, there are different choices for accommodation, from hotel-like rooms to dorms. You can even go camping and rent out tents. 

Holy Carabao Holistic Farms

Less than two hours away from Manila by car, in the heart of Santa Rosa, Laguna is the Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. 

Holy Carabao primarily focuses on selling different types of meat, vegetable bundles, milk, bread, grains, and even seeds and tools for your own garden! Besides selling products, the owners also hold farm tours, workshops, and events for visitors.

They focus on educating people about holistic farming and producing healthy food for families. The owners are strong advocates for nutrition and organic cultivation of edible crops.

Farm Tours in Batangas

Similar to Cavite, Batangas has naturally fertile soil too, and that’s because of the build-up of volcanogenic materials. This province is home to the famous Taal volcano and heritage town.

It’s also home to many agricultural lands. Below are two of the destinations you can visit for a farm tour in the province.

Pinkie’s Farm

So far, we’ve listed down farms that mostly handle fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. Pinkie’s Farm in Lipa, Batangas, is a dairy farm.

This place welcomes educational farm tours and field trips to teach visitors about all-natural dairy. In addition, Pinkie’s Farm also sells milk. 

They’re a uniquely single-origin dairy farm, which means every single drop of milk comes from their grass-fed cows only. They don’t source their milk from any other dairy farm.

Kahariam Farms

Kahariam Farms is located between the boundaries of Lipa and Ibaan, Batangas. 

It started as a family farm that was run solely for the family’s personal consumption. Because of the owner’s passion for organic farming, the place became committed to sharing this value with others as well.

Through its farm tours, the owners educate visitors about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, pesticide-free vegetables, and eco-friendly food production. They also talk about their own vermicast called “Biyaya ng Kalikasan (Nature’s gift).” 

In addition, Kahariam Farms offers overnight accommodations and function halls for events.

Farm Tours in Benguet

All three provinces we’ve talked about were in the CALABARZON region, so let’s head up north, shall we? The Cordilleras is home to the famous rice terraces of the Philippines and a lot of farmlands.

We’re focusing on the province’s capital, Benguet, in this list of farms you can visit in the area!

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

La Trinidad’s cold climate is optimal for growing luscious strawberries. Plus, it’s right next to the famous “Summer in the Sky” city, Baguio.

This farm, located in the strawberry capital of the Philippines, shows off acres and acres of brightly colored fields. You can buy strawberries directly from the farmers, and they’ll let you pick them yourself!

Don’t worry; the farmers will help you pick which berries are ripe enough. They’ll also teach you how to harvest them properly.

However, you have to plan ahead before you go here because strawberries aren’t always in season. The best months for strawberry picking are March and April.

Northern Blossoms Flower Farm

Northern Blossoms Flower Farm is located in Atok, Benguet. This flower farm belongs to a couple from Manila who brought their love of flowers to the mountainous regions of Benguet.

They have a diverse plantation of different flowers in their greenhouses, from snapdragons to cabbage roses. These flowers come in a variety of beautiful color combinations.

As tempting as it is, please don’t pick any of the flowers. You can take home seedlings or flowers for a small fee.

On another note, be sure to ask permission first before you take any photos or videos because some areas surrounding the property are ancestral lands. Using drones isn’t allowed due to the same reason.

Farm to Cup

Benguet is widely known for its arabica coffee—the country’s top coffee blend. So, there’s no way we weren’t going to include a coffee farm tour in this list.

For the most part, Farm to Cup in La Trinidad, Benguet, is a coffee shop. However, they often hold farm tours—or what they call Coffee Boot Camps—for visitors from all over the world.

These boot camps teach visitors how to bring their coffee from farm to cup. The 2.5-hectare property has over a thousand coffee plants, with six different varieties as of 2021.

What Have We Learned?

While the Philippines is known for its more popular tourist destinations in the form of sandy beaches and beautiful coves, farms are the country’s hidden gems.

We looked at a variety of places, from Benguet’s coffee farms to Laguna’s recreation farms.

However, this is just a glimpse of what farm tours in the Philippines have to offer. Agritourism is starting to bloom in the country, and we should, by all means, support it.

As an explorer of the Philippines, you will be sure to come across some incredible places with amazing people. Don’t forget to check out the most popular festivals, even after you finish your farm tours. Some festivals are nearby during some periods of the month, just make sure to plan accordingly.

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