All-Inclusive Resorts in Texas: A Deep Dive into the Top 11 Picks

When thinking about planning a vacation in Texas, especially at a resort with the family, one might only be limited to thinking about the heat, the BBQ, and the countryside (which are all amazing things here in their own right).

However, perhaps unknown to many, Texas is a perfect destination for families looking to get out and spend some much needed time together. There are tons of cool resorts in Texas, but to take it a step further, we’re going to be diving into all-inclusive resorts.

What is an All-Inclusive Resort?

An all-inclusive resort is typically a vacation destination where, for a single price, most or all of the services and amenities are included.

This concept provides a comprehensive experience without the need for guests to pay separately for each individual service or activity.

What’s Included:

At the core of the all-inclusive concept is the idea that once you pay for your stay, you won’t have to worry about many additional expenses. Typically included are:

  • Accommodation: Your room or suite.
  • Food and Drink: This usually includes all meals, snacks, and even drinks, both non-alcoholic and, often, alcoholic. Most all-inclusive resorts feature several restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.
  • Activities and Entertainment: This can range from water sports (like snorkeling, paddleboarding, and non-motorized boating) to nightly entertainment (such as live shows, music, and themed nights).
  • Facilities: Most all-inclusive resorts have a host of facilities that guests can use without additional charges. These might include gyms, swimming pools, spas (though specific treatments might cost extra), kids’ clubs, and more.

Benefits of All-Inclusive Resorts:

  • Cost Savings: Although the upfront cost may seem high, when you factor in everything that’s included, it often works out to be a good deal, especially for those who plan to make the most of the resort’s offerings.
  • Convenience: Without the need to carry cash or worry about budgeting for meals and activities each day, guests can truly relax.
  • Variety: With multiple dining options, activities, and entertainment choices, there’s always something new to experience.
  • Safety: Especially popular in tropical destinations, guests can enjoy themselves without venturing out, which can be a plus in areas where safety might be a concern.

Opting for an all-inclusive resort is a great choice for when you and your family just wants to do more relaxing, than planning. While most resorts have a number of activities to plan out and partake in (which is part of the fun), most of the important things are taken care of.

The 11 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Texas

Texas Ranch Life

Texas Ranch Life, an 1,800-acre property, offers an authentic ranch experience. It preserves the legacy of 19th-century Texas, showcasing the historical charm with added modern comforts. The wide-open spaces and antique-filled cabins make it a time-traveling experience.

Located in Chappell Hill, which is in Washington County. It’s in the southeastern part of Texas, not too far from Houston.

Built: Established in 1823.

Price: Starting at $150 per night.

Amenities: Horseback riding, fishing, swimming pool, historical tours, and spa services.

Cool Things To Do: Attend a rodeo show, participate in cattle drives, and explore antique-filled cabins.

Food & Drink: On-site dining provides Texas-style BBQ and hearty southern meals, with an option for private dinners.

Why It’s Great for Families: Children can learn about ranching traditions, participate in horseback riding, and enjoy outdoor adventures, ensuring a fun and educational stay.

Lakeway Resort and Spa

Overlooking the scenic Lake Travis, Lakeway Resort offers a luxurious experience with unmatched views. Its legacy has expanded over the years to provide a contemporary touch while preserving the tranquility of its origins.

This resort is in Lakeway, a city situated on the south shore of Lake Travis in the western part of Travis County. It’s near Austin.

Built: Opened in 1963.

Price: Starting at $200 per night.

Amenities: Three swimming pools, a whirlpool, a spa, and a kids’ club.

Cool Things To Do: Water sports on Lake Travis, golfing, and vineyard tours.

Food & Drink: Features a range of culinary delights, from fine dining to casual lakeside grub.

Why It’s Great for Families: With multiple pools and a dedicated kid’s club, it’s an ideal destination for both relaxation and activity-packed holidays.

Cibolo Creek Ranch

Located near the Mexican border, this resort reflects a blend of Mexican and Texan cultures. Rich in history, the restored forts are now luxurious rooms, giving guests a feel of its storied past.

Found near the town of Marfa in Presidio County, this resort is close to the Texas-Mexico border in the southwestern part of the state.

Built: The original forts date back to 1857.

Price: Starting at $450 per night.

Amenities: Spa services, outdoor activities, historical tours, and a private airstrip.

Cool Things To Do: Explore the ranch’s three forts, stargazing, and guided mountain tours.

Food & Drink: The resort offers gourmet dining featuring local produce and Texan wine selections.

Why It’s Great for Families: Kids can learn about the region’s history, observe the native wildlife, and enjoy vast outdoor spaces to play and explore.

Rancho Loma

Rancho Loma offers an intimate boutique experience. The property’s historical touch points are elegantly combined with modern aesthetics to create a unique blend.

Located in Valera, which is in Coleman County in Central Texas.

Built: The original structures began in the early 1870s.

Price: Starting at $300 per night.

Amenities: Swimming pool, nature trails, and curated experiences.

Cool Things To Do: Visit their own vineyard, attend wine tastings, and take nature walks.

Food & Drink: The on-site restaurant serves farm-to-table dishes with ingredients sourced locally.

Why It’s Great for Families: The vineyard visits and nature walks provide an excellent opportunity for families to bond and introduce children to the world of nature and wine-making.

The Cliffs Resort

A haven beside Possum Kingdom Lake, The Cliffs Resort beautifully marries the thrill of water adventures with luxurious living, making each stay unforgettable.

This is in Graford, on the eastern shore of Possum Kingdom Lake, in Palo Pinto County, in the northern part of Texas.

Built: Initiated in the late 1980s.

Price: Starting at $170 per night.

Amenities: Golf course, spa, marina, and outdoor pools.

Cool Things To Do: Boat rentals, fishing excursions, and golfing.

Food & Drink: Multiple dining options, including an upscale restaurant and a lakeside bar.

Why It’s Great for Families: With boat rentals and fishing excursions, families can have an action-packed day before retreating to the comfort of their rooms.

Lajitas Golf Resort

Set against the backdrop of the majestic Big Bend, Lajitas Golf Resort brings luxury to the rugged Texan terrain. The site, rich in history from Native Americans to miners, is now a premier destination.

Situated in Lajitas, this resort is also near the Texas-Mexico border, located between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park in the southernmost tip of Brewster County.

Built: The resort’s concept originated in the late 1970s.

Price: Starting at $220 per night.

Amenities: Golf course, spa, equestrian center, and a shooting club.

Cool Things To Do: Zip-lining, off-road adventures, and stargazing.

Food & Drink: Multiple dining outlets offering everything from Texan BBQ to fine dining experiences.

Why It’s Great for Families: With activities like zip-lining and off-road adventures, families can enjoy the perfect blend of thrill and luxury.

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa

Spread over 300 acres in San Antonio, this resort offers an oasis of calm with a touch of southern charm. It’s designed to reflect the region’s ranching heritage, offering a rustic yet luxurious experience.

Located in San Antonio in Bexar County, which is in south-central Texas.

Built: Opened in 1993.

Price: Starting at $250 per night.

Amenities: Golf course, spa, water park, and camp Hyatt for kids.

Cool Things To Do: Explore the winding lazy river, attend movie nights, and enjoy seasonal events.

Food & Drink: Seven distinct dining outlets, from Texas-style BBQ to upscale dining.

Why It’s Great for Families: The water park and Camp Hyatt ensure kids are entertained while adults can indulge in spa treatments or golf.

The San Luis Resort

A crown jewel of Galveston, The San Luis Resort boasts beachfront luxury. The modern architecture and amenities are coupled with a commitment to traditional hospitality.

Found in Galveston, on Galveston Island, this coastal city is in Galveston County and is southeast of Houston.

Built: Established in 1984.

Price: Starting at $230 per night.

Amenities: Spa, fitness center, pool with a swim-up bar.

Cool Things To Do: Beach activities, shopping at the nearby Strand Historic District.

Food & Drink: Multiple dining options ranging from seafood delicacies to steakhouse classics.

Why It’s Great for Families: Beach activities and close proximity to Galveston’s attractions make it a top pick for families.

Wildcatter Ranch

Description: An upscale ranch resort that embodies the spirit of the Wild West, providing both luxury and a deep connection to Texan heritage.

Located in Graham in Young County, this is in the northern part of Texas.

Built: The ranch’s history dates back to the late 1800s, with the modern resort development beginning in the early 2000s.

Price: Starting at $200 per night.

Amenities: Horseback riding, infinity-edge pool, shooting range.

Cool Things To Do: Guided trail rides, archery, and clay shooting.

Food & Drink: Enjoy authentic Texas cuisine at the on-site restaurant.

Why It’s Great for Families: Guided trail rides and clay shooting activities ensure there’s never a dull moment for families.

La Cantera Resort & Spa

Located atop one of San Antonio’s highest points, this resort offers panoramic views combined with luxury amenities. Its design and services are influenced by the region’s history, from the King Ranch to its old limestone quarries.

Also in San Antonio, this resort offers views of the Texas Hill Country.

Built: Opened in 1999.

Price: Starting at $300 per night.

Amenities: Golf courses, pools, kids’ club, and spa.

Cool Things To Do: Explore the nearby theme parks, go shopping or hiking.

Food & Drink: Multiple dining venues, including a signature restaurant and a sunset bar.

Why It’s Great for Families: Nearby theme parks and an on-site kids’ club guarantee a fun-filled stay.

Woodlands Resort

Nestled amidst the pines and oaks of the vast Woodlands community, just north of Houston, the Woodlands Resort offers a natural, serene setting that beautifully marries the outdoors with luxurious amenities. Designed as an eco-friendly retreat, it brings guests closer to nature while ensuring a comfortable and upscale experience.

Built: Opened in 1974.

Price: Starting at $250 per night for standard rooms. Luxury suites and special packages can range up to $600+ per night.

Amenities: Golf courses, on-site spa, water & other activities including tennis, hiking, and others.

Food & Drink: Multiple dining options, ranging from poolside cafes to upscale restaurants, cater to various palates.

Why It’s Great for Families: From the Forest Oasis Waterscape™ with water slides, a lagoon-style pool, and splash pads, to on-site nature trails and activities like kayaking and paddle boarding, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained. It also boasts multiple dining options, ensuring even the pickiest of eaters are catered to.

What Have We Learned?

We have learned that Texas is home to some of the best all inclusive resorts, in the South, and some can even argue the entire United States. Be sure to consider Texas for your next travel destination and you won’t be disappointed.

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